Vaseline for Enema

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Enema Vaseline is used in cases where you want a smoother entry of the tip into the anus. Depending on the nozzle you use, the hardness you will feel is of two types: hard plastic or soft silicone, which, however, is not so soft that it is not felt. That is why many people prefer to lubricate their enema nozzle with a little Vaseline of natural origin, which helps to smoothly, imperceptibly and painlessly insert the nozzle. Vaseline is of natural origin and is enriched with natural oils. Vaseline is fragrant and pleasant to use. Our Enema Vaseline is the best tip ointment and is a much better alternative to any other tip cream. Keep in mind, however, that just as the nozzle enters the nozzle easily and painlessly with the help of this Vaseline, it will also come out easily, so you need to keep the nozzle inside you.

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