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The advantage of the table enema is that it holds a fairly large volume of hot water and also has a lid that prevents dust and dirt from entering the enema cistern. In addition, the lid does not allow different types of vapors from the enema solutions to leave the enema container and thus does not allow odors to leave the enema itself. The table enema is of two types: plastic or iron (steel). Both types are resistant to all water temperatures. The table enema is designed to be placed on a table, desk, table or other type of surface, with the hose lowered and the enema practitioner lying under it. The table enema also has a handle that can be attached with a hook or even without a hook for some kind of protruding object in your room, such as: a cabinet handle, a drawer, a door handle, a hanger, etc. The steel table enema is practically eternal. It is galvanized and never rusts. The metal cistern itself is extremely strong and thick-walled and is not subject to bending by hand or deformation under the influence of another force. The plastic table enema, on the other hand, although made of durable, thick and shiny plastic, has a certain time of use. It can be said that the length of life and with regular use is about 3-4 years. The plastic table enema is extremely strong, but at the same time elastic. The plastic material from which it is made is much better than the one from which it is made (our classic enema). Our table enemas are preferred by many people in Australia, USA, UK, Europe. The device is factory equipped with a silicone hose, a smooth stopper and a soft nozzle.

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