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Soap Solution 1L
Enema Soap Solution: 1 liter jar. Soap enema solution is one of the most widely used enema solutions in the history of enema therapy. Traditionally, the soap solution is used in hospitals and clinics to prepare patients for surgeries, births and more. similar procedures related to medical intervention. The soap solution used in hospitals is not the most suitable, as it is highly toxic and causes stress to the colon. The soap solution you pour into your irrigator should be mild and preferably homemade. When the homemade soap is soaked in hot water, it forms a mucous consistency, which after additional processing becomes suitable for use in a homemade enema. Why is that? Most people do not think about what kind of soap they will use for their enema and therefore do not achieve the desired results. They use randomly selected soap, either liquid or solid, which they add to their water and insert rectally into their colon. In many cases, these people experience discomfort at this time, which manifests itself in abdominal pain, peristaltic spasms of the colon, discomfort and other types of side effects. All this is caused by the use of inappropriate soap. The soap solution of never causes an uncomfortable and unpleasant effect, does not cause pain, as it does not cause the entry of toxic substances into the bloodstream. The homemade soap used to make our special, non-toxic solution comes solely from natural products that slowly, lightly and gently cleanse, dissolve and excrete all the fecal toxins that have accumulated at the end of the colon. Homemade soap is made from animal fat (usually pork), caustic soda and does not contain any flavors, colors or other chemical elements as enhancers, in addition, the enema with soap can be made daily, as well as combined with other types of enemas. solutions, such as: enema coffee, enema solution, enema salt, enema oil. Soap enema is one of the most desired and preferred methods for those of you who prefer extra stimulation instead of using only warm water. Our soap solution is pastel yellow in color, does not form many bubbles and you need a small cup of brandy from it (100 g) to add to your enema irrigator for maximum cleansing effect of the enema. You can make an enema solution with soapy water at home, but it is a process that takes time and effort. Here's how to do it: buy homemade soap and soak it in a glass jug of hot water. After three days you will get a greasy, slimy consistency in your jug, which you will pour into a blender. You will blend the resulting mixture to the lowest degree until you get a very light, soft and greasy soap solution. Fill the jug with hot water and after another three days you are ready to pass the newly obtained mixture. Following this recipe you can produce about 10 liters of enema soap solution from a single homemade soap.

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