Salt for Enema 1L

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Salt for Enema 1L
Enema salt in a 1 liter jar. Enema salt is an extremely important cleanser for the enema process at home. This salt is not washed away by its important trace elements, which are part of it in sea water. This is due to its gray color. This enema salt contains 93 chemical elements and minerals from the Mendeleev table. All these important elements are removed from the salt in the process of washing and refining, to which most sea and coarse salts, which are sold on the Bulgarian market, are subjected. It is these important micronutrients that are absorbed from the intestines when they enter the body through the enema and contribute to balancing and supporting all the missing micronutrients in the body. You probably know that in order for important chemical processes to take place in a cell, it is necessary to maintain a certain level of salinity, which builds the electrolyte charge of cells, tissues and organs. With the help of this salt the electrolyte balance is restored and with its help the cells can perform their function flawlessly and expel toxic substances from themselves. The enema salt also achieves the ideal cleansing of the retained fecal layers and fecal mucus in the intestines. Salt kills all microbes, parasites, worms and their eggs when in contact with them. This salt has an antifungal effect on our intestinal flora and kills all molds, fungi and molds nestled in it, helping the body to heal itself at the fastest rate. It is enough for one overflowing tablespoon to dissolve in the cistern of the enema set to get all these favorable results from it. Do not replace it with white sea salt crystals purchased from the store, because it robs the trace elements of the body, while the salt offered here restores them. The last but not the least function of enema salt is that it has a mild irritant effect on the lining of the colon, which in turn stimulates the sphincter and peristalsis of the intestine and removes everything from it after a single enema session at home.

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