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Enema soap is a special type of homemade soap that is safe to use in a homemade enema. By ordering this product you get a soap for repeated use of a soap enema at home. In combination with our enema device (enema set), this soap works as follows: fill a glass jug with hot water, immerse our organic and non-toxic bio-product (homemade enema soap). The hot water causes the enema soap to dissolve, forming a liquid soap suitable for a soap enema at home. Any other soap you use for this procedure would be toxic and poisonous to your body. When the soap mixture enters your intestines, this fluid is absorbed by the body through the blood vessels and capillaries located in the lowest part of the colon. The fluid thus absorbed is carried by the blood vessels throughout the body and gradually and slowly poisons the body. With the help of this special enema soap, such intoxication does not occur, because this special soap does not contain a number of laboratory and chemical products found in industrial soap products from the store and pharmacy network. The resulting soapy water is used for home enema, and can be poured directly from the jug into the enema cistern of our enema kit. The enema solution thus obtained can also be diluted 1: 1 with warm water. The soap enema is effective and stimulating enough for the intestines to get an excellent result, for those who prefer this combination of enema solution. Homemade enema soap is made from two ingredients: lard and caustic soda. One soap will be enough for you to do over 100 home enema procedures.

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