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The enema nozzle is extremely convenient to use as part of the enema kit we offer including: transparent cistern and enema stopper. The enema tip is extremely thin and is not felt when inserted, and does not cause any discomfort or inconvenience during the enema. These enema tips can often be replaced by the appliance holder and can be used as a disposable one instead of being washed. The other advantage of extra enema tips is that different family members could share the same enema device by just replacing the tip. The extra tips are lightweight, smooth and easy to replace. Some people prefer to use the same enema nozzle, while others prefer to change it periodically, believing that it is more hygienic. It's a good idea to have a set of extra tips in your home just in case you need to replace them. There are cases in which the nozzle can become clogged and clogged with fecal plugs, in which case it is best to replace it with a new enema nozzle. Use a new nozzle for each enema procedure and save cleaning and disinfection of the old one. Change your tips often for good hygiene.

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