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Enema Concentrate - Potassium Iodide and Salt (Luga) 1 liter. Homemade enemas are good to help with this stimulant, created and tested over the years to be one of the most effective stimulants in colon cleansing. The solution is a strong concentrate of Potassium Iodide with Iodine, in combination with sea salt crystals. The chemical formula of this compound is: KINaCl + H2O. The liquid is a total of 1 liter of which you will use one tablespoon of an enema cistern (1 liter) as an additive when performing a homemade enema. In more advanced cases of constipation and constipation, the enema solution works great, and you can add 2 tablespoons of it, in more severe cases. The fluid is extremely strong and able to kill all colonies of parasites, worms, microbes and candida, layered over the years in the colon. The special enema concentrate stimulates the anal sphincter and the cleansing processes are accelerated to expel a huge amount of old feces and mucus from the end of the colon. Enema concentrate with iodine also does not damage the lining of the colon, as it is composed of elements existing in seawater. Completely discreet delivery.

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