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Enema hose - system includes all the attributes of the enema, without the cistern, namely: 1.5 meters enema hose, enema stopper, enema nozzle (with a hook of your choice). The enema system is one of the most important factors to achieve a successful and effective enema at home. The one-meter hose is long and comfortable enough, as well as flexible, but at the same time strong and heat-resistant. The enema stopper is also part of this system, as it helps regulate the flow of water (enema solution) that enters your body. Without this adjustment system, you will not be able to control the force with which water invades your intestines and, accordingly, you may feel discomfort, discomfort and an ineffective result. It is important that the enema water enters the body gradually and slowly so as not to be overloaded and not to cause unnecessary stress on the body. The flow of water must be extremely smooth and this is what the enema stopper contributes to. The enema tip is very thin and comfortable to insert into the anus and is almost imperceptible! It is also strong and durable, as its surface is smooth and helps to insert without the need for additional lubricating creams. Once inserted into the anus, the enema tip does its job flawlessly and is not felt. The whole system is extremely well thought out and composed in order to achieve optimal results in enemas.

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