Enema Balloon 400 ml

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Enema balloon for adults and children: 400ml. Enema balloon is especially suitable for those cases in which it is necessary to make an enema, but for one reason or another access to it is not available at this time. The balloon enema is an ideal substitute for the enema set (with a simple and transparent cistern) in cases when you travel or are in a public environment where a bulky item cannot be carried in the bag. The enema balloon is compact enough, light, easy and convenient to use when needed. The enema balloon can also replace the microenema in such a way that its contents are small enough, easy to carry and use for single use. The enema - balloon can be used even in the right state, when a person is not able to lie down and relax. The most suitable liquids for the enema balloon are: warm water with a teaspoon of enema solution or a pinch of enema salt. The long hose with which the enema balloon is equipped and its stopper facilitate easy and comfortable handling of the enema tool even in awkward situations. The enema balloon is fitted with a long hose, an enema stopper and a nozzle. The balloon is suitable for use by adults and pets (dogs, cats, horses, etc.). Completely discreet delivery.

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