Black Sea Mud

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Black Sea Mud
Black Sea Mud 250ml. Black Sea mud is known for its exceptional healing properties. Many people lubricate their skin with the healing Black Sea mud and leave it on the skin for about 45 minutes, after which the mud dries on the skin and becomes dry components, as the healing components and fats of the mud penetrate the skin and nourish, smooth, hydrate and stretch. Once the hard part of the healing mud dries and falls off on its own, your face will acquire a rejuvenated look and delicate texture, like a baby's skin. It is good to use this mud at least 3 times a week to have good skin. This type of mask can be applied to any skin type and is suitable for applying to the whole body. There are cities in Bulgaria where people are immersed in the mud and then dried in the sun, leaving the magical Black Sea lye in the Black Sea mud to soak into their bodies and cause a healing reaction of the body, as well as a strong detoxifying effect (removal of toxins ). Black Sea mud is one of the most healing skin masks for beautification, treatment and detox (purification). It also reduces redness, swelling, inflammation and soothes the skin. The contents of one jar will be enough for repeated rubbing on the face and whole body.

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