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Basti Enema Oil
Oil for Enema Basti 1L. Basti oil enema oil is a special oil blend with special Ayurvedic and homeopathic herbs. The advantage of enema oil in this condition is that it penetrates the folds of the intestine and helps to loosen the stagnant fecal inner layers. Ayurvedic oil is used for the Basti oil enema by injecting it into the colon through the anus and leaving it to stand all night or during daytime sleep. Then do not use an enema with coffee or water enema to remove the released and softened feces, and they come out on their own under the influence of the oil itself. This type of home enema is most often practiced once a week, and in most cases people use it once a month to get rid of the oldest waste. Basti oil enema originates from Ayurvedic practices in India, where it is often applied to patients with severe and chronic diseases. When the oil left in the colon comes out, it has a very heavy smell. In Ayurveda and Yoga, Basti (a procedure with releasing warm oil) is given great importance and is part of Panchakarma (the five important, annual purifications). Basti has a serious, corrective function on the digestive and excretory system, restores the colon, improves peristalsis and absorption of substances. It helps all three doshas very well, but mostly it balances Vata. Improves memory, clears consciousness and thought. An excellent remedy for depression, nervous disorders, hormonal system, disturbed sleep and chronic headaches.

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